Enjoy some new and familiar music with our Victoria Day Weekend playlist

Checkout this fun cottage weekend playlist crafted by our sister-site A.Side—a website and TV channel that focuses on music and pop culture. 

It’s here. Even though the weather refuses to cooperate, the Victoria Day Long Weekend is upon us and with it, numerous opportunities for drives to the cottage, bonfires, actual homemade brunches, night swims, and ladder toss magically emerge every weekend until fall. To celebrate, the A.Side team are sending over a little gift to our friends at Cottage Life. It’s a playlist!

We put together an eclectic group of songs touching different genres and eras, featuring buzzing underground local favourites to international legends, all with the range of emotions, pastimes, and sights that come with a cottage weekend in mind. Enjoy our reflective, joyful, exciting, relaxing bunch of bops, and stay tuned for more fun playlists over the summer.

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