Enjoy a weekend of licence-free fishing

Ice fishing

Looking for something fun to do this weekend with family or friends?

If you would love to try fishing or want to introduce a friend to it, but someone in the crowd lacks a licence, this weekend, there’s no sweat. The Ontario government has designated February 16th to the 18th as licence-free fishing days!

And, if you’re not willing to invest in rods and tackle just yet, there’s also the OFAH Tackleshare to help you. The program offers more than 140 loaner sites across Ontario, where novice anglers can pick up fishing rods, reels, and basic tackle. Through the program, both children and adults can sign out equipment from a range of public libraries, conservations authorities, Big Brothers and Big Sisters, as well as other community organizations.

For a list of conservation areas across the province where fishing is permitted, download the guide by Conservation Ontario. There are also tons of great events and fishing derbies happening across the province that weekend. Go to for dates, times, and locations near you.