Driver narrowly escapes after dump truck crashes into icy pond near Calabogie, Ont.

Emergency services personnel rescued a driver trapped in the partially submerged cab of a dump truck that had rolled into freezing water near Calabogie, Ont. on Tuesday.

Around 10:45 a.m., a dump truck rounding the south end of Grassy Bay on Barryvale Road lost control and rolled over the road’s guardrail, landing on its side in the freezing water of a marsh.

The Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) have yet to determine the cause of the accident, but OPP Acting Sergeant Brianna Roberge said that the roads were particularly icy that morning, which could have been a contributing factor.

After landing in the water, the cab of the truck became partially submerged in the marsh with the driver still inside. A nearby neighbour witnessed the accident and jumped into the water to help. Seeing that the driver was trapped by their seatbelt, the neighbour attempted to cut them loose.

Members of the Renfrew OPP detachment, the Greater Madawaska Fire Department, and Renfrew County EMS arrived soon after. Emergency services bridged the gap between the road and the dump truck by placing a ladder down. Two members of the OPP then jumped into the water to assist the neighbour in freeing the driver.

After being trapped for 70 minutes, emergency services were able to free the driver. He was transported, along with the two OPP officers, to a local hospital where they were treated for hypothermia. No serious injuries were reported.

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“Thanks to quick thinking and efforts of community members and emergency services, a potentially tragic incident was prevented,” Roberge said in a statement.

There is currently no update on whether the dump truck has been removed from the marsh.

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