ELA fundraising campaign reaches $25,000 goal

Experimental Lakes Area funding

With hours to spare in their campaign, the world renowned Experimental Lakes Area (ELA) has reached their goal of raising $25,000 to help the facility stay afloat. The raised funds will support the program’s research on finding effective solutions to environmental issues affecting fresh water.

As part of an Indiegogo fundraiser that started this past April, more than 300 people have donated over $27,000.

Previously run by Fisheries and Oceans Canada, the fundraiser comes in the wake of the government defunding the ELA in 2013, a controversial policy shift that alarmed environmentalists and politicians across the country. Now the International Institute for Sustainable Development (IISD) manages the facility’s operations, but the ELA needs more help.

The raised funds from the Indiegogo campaign will go towards rebuilding the program to its former status and eventually expanding it further. The donations will also help the ELA create training opportunities for university students, workshops, and field courses that will engage and benefit local communities.

Until tonight at midnight, the campaign is open for donations. With a donation of $200, you can sponsor a fish (the ELA tags lake trout, white sucker and pike every year to monitor health and population,) for $100 you can sponsor a plankton count sample, and for $1,000 you can visit the ISSD office in Winnipeg and meet with ELA scientists.

The campaign is also the perfect way to show your support for the ELA, while picking up some sweet swag. For $75, receive an ELA t-shirt and for $35, receive an ELA magnet.

Of course, you can donate any amount as well through Canada Helps website.