Doing this one thing will make future chores so much easier

Different tools lies near blank paper notebook on blue desk in workshop, chores Photo by OlekStock/Shutterstock

My dad always used to call them “secret squirrel places”—those special spots where my mother and grandmother store the small, vital pieces of cottage equipment for the next time we’ll need them for chores. The problem: squirrels often forget where they’ve stashed their acorns. So much grief could’ve been spared for all of us by using a captain’s log, a simple notebook containing the details of cottage chores and fixes. Think of it as a gift to your future self. You’ll know the last time the chore was done, the product used, and where it’s hidden. Record these to avoid going nuts.

• Oil changes

• Spark plug switch-outs (note the model number for when it needs to be replaced)

• Propane tank replacements

• Woodshed refills (let wood dry for at least six months)

• New outhouse pits (including the dimensions, but also note who helped—and who didn’t!)

• Woodstove WETT inspections

• Detector battery replacements

• Deck stain used

• Extra pump filter

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