Dog survives 9 days of -17 C weather in N.W.T.

dogs survives 9 days -17 C

Linda Nixon has found her 8-pound Brussels Griffon after he escaped through a gate in Hay River, Northwest Territories.

Joey was missing for nine days, battling temperatures around -17 C and predators like eagles, wolves, and foxes. Though spotted many times, he is afraid of people and proved difficult to catch. Similar to the search for Australian shepherd Jade in Yellowstone National Park, a cage was set up in the attempts to lure Joey back home, equipped with a heated lamp.

“This dog is a spoiled and pampered pooch,” Nixon told CBC.

She offered a $500 reward for the return of her beloved pet, and people continued to look for the pup even when Nixon called off the search after five days.

“Half the people in Hay River were looking for him, or more,” said Nixon.

Sarah Whitteker was the one to catch the elusive dog, and she didn’t accept the reward when she returned him. “Anybody would have done the same,” said Whitteker.

Joey was happily reunited with his owner, having suffered some minor injuries and a few pounds lost.