Dog dies after saving owner from bear attack

We’ve all heard of dogs referred to as “man’s best friend,” but after a recent black bear attack in Thunder Bay, Ontario, the canine’s claim to fame has been brought to a whole new level.

While on a walk with his two dogs in Ontario’s Sand Bar Provincial Park this past Saturday afternoon, 42-year-old Trevor Miller was attacked by a mature black bear.

According to a report by The Canadian Press, Miller’s schnauzer attempted to fend off the bear, allowing his owner to escape.

Miller made it to a park ranger station where he was treated with non-life threatening injuries before being transported to a hospital in Dryden, Ontario. While he’s since been released from the hospital, his dog died following the conflict.

The bear is also dead. It was shot by park officials, and the Ministry of Natural Resources has sent it to Guelph to be tested for rabies and to confirm it was the bear from the attack.

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