Monopoly says irons are out; cats are in


Your classic Monopoly game in the cottage games closet will soon be a relic. Millions of Monopoly fans voted in a heated competition to decide which token would be cut from the game’s lineup of charms, and what new piece would be added.

Reflecting the current-day wardrobe of blue jeans and no-iron shirts, the iron was voted out of the game, with just 8% of the “Save it” vote. The wheelbarrow and shoe also had low votes, but will remain in the game.

Not surprising to anyone who uses the internet, the cat token was voted in, taking 31% of the vote. The poised-to-pounce kitty beat out other fierce competitors, including a robot, diamond ring, and helicopter.

The most popular game piece according to the “Save it” vote (and the squabble that happens before most games) was the Scottie dog.

Monopoly pieces have changed a few times since the original release of the game in 1937. The iron joins a slew of other retired tokens, including a lantern, purse, rocking horse, sack of money, and a Howitzer cannon.

Games with the iron will still be available for a few more months, so go pick up a copy if you’re particularly attached to housework. If cats are more your style, the new token version will be available in stores later this year.