Cottagers flood actor John Cleese with offers of rentals after Airbnb mishap

John Cleese Photo by Shutterstock/Damir Hajdarbasic

One lucky Huntsville, Ont. resident could be playing host to a British comedy legend. Actor John Cleese, 81, best known for his roles in Monty Python and Fawlty Towers, took to Twitter last week asking anyone in Huntsville if they had a place he could stay while filming a movie.

Cleese went on to explain that he had booked an Airbnb in the area, but after paying for the rental, the booking platform had informed him that it was being given to someone else. “Why did they take the money, then?” he wrote.

Airbnb was quick to respond, apologizing to the actor over Twitter and asking him to send his reservation details. In a statement, the company said that the booking mishap occurred because the host had never formally accepted the booking. Cleese has since been refunded for the stay.

In the meantime, Ontarians flocked to Cleese’s aid, with many offering up their homes or cottages to the actor via Twitter.

Other offers, while still generous, came with certain caveats.

One cheeky Twitter user even suggested Cleese book a room at the Schitt’s Creek motel. Sadly, due to the fictional nature of the motel, we won’t get to see Cleese come face-to-face with Eugene Levy’s Johnny Rose.

In response to the offers, Cleese thanked Ontarians and said he would review his options.

When contacted, Cleese did not respond to questions about whether he has selected an accommodation or what movie he’s filming. However, according to the actor’s IMDb page, he’s in pre-production on a film called Cut the Painter, where Cleese plays a reclusive writer who’s decided to retire in a small Canadian town.

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