Cottage sandals for every occasion and adventure

sandals in hammock at cottage Photo by Brocreative / Shutterstock


When it comes to summer footwear at the cottage, sandals are the go-to shoe of choice. Whether you wear them with socks, or without, they are arguably the most versatile for when you want to keep cool or stay dry. We’ve rounded up a collection of practical cottage sandals for every type of occasion or adventure you may encounter up north.

Keen Elle Backstrap Sandals

sandals for summer keen
Photo by Keen

These cushioned, comfortable sandals made of recyclable materials are good for everything from running errands to walking your dog. Buy them at

Merrell Alpine Strap

merrell sandals for cottage summer
Photo by Merrell

These retro-inspired sandals come in a variety of colourways and have a signature grippy sole. Perfect for wet surfaces, like the dock. Buy them at 

Adidas Adilette Comfort Sandals

adidas slides for cottage sandals
Photo by Adidas

These are a chic twist on the classic Adidas slides that have been around for ages. Perfect for slipping on for a quick trip out the door or sliding on and off at the beach. Buy them at

Freewaters Supreem Sport Sandals

freewaters sandals for cottage summer
Photo by Freewaters

These strappy, environmentally-friendly convert into slides at in a matter of seconds. Buy them at

Air Balance Water Shoes

watershoes for cottage sandals
Photo by Air Balance

These lightweight water shoes protect your feet from sharp rocks, glass, and shells at the cottage. They’re also easy to get on and off wet feed and dry quickly. Buy them at

Keen Astoria West Sandals

hiking sandals for cottage summer
Photo by Keen

These ultra-supportive sandals go are perfect for hitting the trail on a hot summer day, thanks to the closed-toe and supportive midsole. Buy them at

Teva Hurricane XLT 2 Sandals

teva sandals for cottage summerP
Photo by Teva

These simple, supportive sandals will take you from the beach to the campsite, to downtown.  Buy them at

Columbia Flip Flops

columbia flip flops for cottage summer
Photo by Columbia Sportswear

Take the simplicity of a classic flip flop and add arch support. Buy them at

Timberland Malibu Waves Sandals

timberland sandals for cottage summer
Photo by Timberland

These cute strappy sandals are more than aesthetically appealing: their cork base is super-supportive to your soles. Buy them at

Native Zurich Sandals

colourful native sandals for cottage summer
Photo by Native

These adjustable strappy sandals from this Canadian brand add a pop of colour to your wardrobe and are hand-washable, too. Buy them at

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