Q&A: Can you reduce hydro costs by disconnecting in winter?

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There’s not much that scares cottagers: creepy crawlies, maybe; things that go bump in the night, perhaps. However, there is one thing that causes their hands to go clammy and it arrives in a fairly innocuous white envelope (unless you’re on paperless billing).

The hydro bill.

The oh, so dreaded bill that is increasing. There always seems to be a new fee: delivery fee, regulatory charges, and for the unfortunate souls residing in Ontario, New Brunswick, Newfoundland and Labrador, and some other provinces—HST.

10 energy-efficient hacks to slash your heating bill this winter

It’s no wonder that with the growing expense of hydro that cottagers would look for ways to reduce their energy usage to save money on their hydro bill. As Cottage Life Editor-in-Chief Michelle Kelly explains, disconnecting your hydro over winter might not be the best idea.

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