Colorado man wakes up to find two foxes napping on snowy rooftop


Last weekend, a Colorado resident woke to see two foxes out his window. But they weren’t frolicking across his snowy yard. Instead, they were curled up on the roof of his garage. 

Andy Carver told local reporters that he was only “half awake” when he first spotted the foxes so, not surprisingly, he had to do a double take.

“My wife had just opened the blinds and that was the first thing I saw. I was like, ‘How did they get up there? What is going on’” he told Fox 31 Denver.

Photo by Andy Carver

Any other time of the year, it would be near impossible for the foxes to reach such heights, but thanks to a recent snowfall, the top of his garage provided the perfect place for them to take an undisturbed nap. 

After assessing the situation a little further, Carver says it became quite clear how the foxes made it on top of the roof. The town had received more than four feet of snow in the past week, which led to some massive snow banks, one of which reached the lower edge if his garage’s roof. 

Photo by Andy Carver

He then noticed the paw prints leading up one of the banks and onto the roof where the two foxes were wrapped in tight balls, using their big bushy tails to keep them warm amidst the snow. 

Carver managed to snap some adorable, one-of-a-kind photos of the resourceful foxes before they climbed back down and took off about an hour later.