College live streams bald eagle nest

Found across much of Canada and the United States, bald eagles are a spectacular sight. But even if you’ve been lucky enough to spot one in your lifetime, it’s probably been soaring in the sky, high up above you and just barely in sight. 

Now, you can watch eagles in real time from the comfort of your own home. 

Georgia’s Berry College has launched the state’s first and only live streaming cam of an eagle nest, giving viewers an up close look at the birds’ life events as they happen. 

The pair of eagles first appeared and started building a nest in the pine tree near the college in March 2012. 

Since then the birds have left and returned to the nest a number of times, as eagles are not only known to be monogamous, but also return to the same nest year after year. 

While the pair took off in June, they have since returned to the nest, which is a good sign that they’ll lay eggs there this fall. 

To see these majestic creatures up close for yourself, head to You can also check out the Berry College Eagles Facebook page for regular updates.

Berry College Eagles

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