Close encounter with swimming cougar caught on video

It’s one thing to have a close encounter with a cougar, but to have a close encounter with one while boating in the middle of the lake?

That’s what happened to a group of fisherman in Tahsis, B.C. earlier this month. On July 14, the group managed to capture a video of a large cat moving from island to island on the coast of Vancouver Island.

It’s especially lucky they managed to catch it on camera, considering a few of them first thought it was a sea otter. But Powell River resident Todd Culos disagreed.

“I thought I saw some ears, and it looked like it was doing a doggie-paddle,” Culos told the CBC.

Their reactions once they realized it was a cougar?

“Well, my father was sort of freaking out,” Culos said. “I think we were a little braver than we would be if we saw him running around on a trail.”

Though the cougar looks like it’s heading toward the boat, Culos said he thinks it just wanted them out of the way.

Check out the video below to see for yourself.