Chantal Kreviazuk’s essential campfire songs

In partnership with Cottage Life Television

Somebody hand Chantal Kreviazuk a cold drink. Since bursting onto the Canadian music scene in the 90s with her catchy songs full of heart-wrenching lyrics, the Winnipeg native has released nine albums, penned hits for other superstar artists like Drake and Pitbull, and worked with War Child and several other charities. All of which earned her two Juno awards and induction into the Order of Canada.

And somewhere amid all that hard work, she managed to raise three boys with her rocker husband, Raine Maida.

But with a newly released album and its stellar first single, “Get to You,” which you’ve no-doubt heard if you’ve been tuning into Cottage Life Television, she’s nowhere close to slowing down. So it makes sense that she’d need to balance all that work with a way to unwind. Maybe that’s why she’s claimed that Ontario cottage country is one of her favourite places on Earth.

When you’re a Juno-winning musician at the cottage, you can bet there’ll be a campfire singalong. So to get you in the mood for summer strumming, we asked Chantal to share her essential campfire crowd-pleasers.

  1. “Leaving on a Jet Plane” by Chantal Kreviazuk

“I think this one is such a campfire classic. I’d play either the John Denver version or my own version. It’s sweet and comforting, and nostalgia abounds! 

  1. Always on My Mind” by Willie Nelson

“Willie’s voice takes me somewhere. You can almost see him sitting around the fire with you with his guitar and braids.” 

  1. “Breakfast in Bed” by Dusty Springfield

“Dusty’s voice is so soothing and soulful. The production melds soft brass and smooth, subtle percussion that won’t overtake the space but somehow sets the tone for twinkling stars and summer dreams.” 

  1. “Children’s Crusade” by Sting

“This song is one of my favourites. The piano in it, mixed with Sting’s voice, just harkens a time and place. It’s kind of deep but also reassuring—that’s just  what a campfire is!” 

  1. “Red Skies” by the Fixx

“This is a staple song for me from summers in Manitoba and Ontario, full of long drives and endless summer nights.”

  1. “Miracle” by Chris Burke-Gaffney feat. Chantal Kreviazuk

“I love the original version or this reflective version. Either way, I’m fully relaxed and out of the city and busy times.” 

  1. “Apology” by Our Lady Peace

“This song is an all-time favourite for me, and the guitars and mix of the tracks are otherworldly. I can’t believe my husband wrote this one! And it’s about me, so, there’s that.” 

  1. “Hallelujah” by Leonard Cohen

“I love Leonard’s understated but iconic voice on this forever classic. It’s healing and endlessly Canadian.” 

  1. “Harvest Moon” by Neil Young

“It’s full of heavenly insight and contentment, which makes it perfect for the cottage.” 

  1. “Case of You” by Joni Mitchell

“Joni’s guitar riffs on this one may have been all we needed, and then she had to go even further and sing with that angelic, farm-town ‘must be something in the water’ quintessentially Canadian voice. Thank you, Joni!” 

Listen to Chantal Kreviazuk’s new album “Get To You” available now on all streaming platforms!!CL