Celebrating Canadian Rivers Day

French River Provincial Park Photo by Tom Worsley/Shutterstock

While the world celebrates Environment Day on June 5, Canadian celebrations last a little longer. Around the same time, precisely the second Sunday of June, we focus on our waterbodies and celebrate Canadian Rivers Day.

Canadian Rivers Day is a relatively young tradition, started only in 2002. This day is the brainchild of the then Minister of Canadian Heritage Sheila Copps. Her proposal got strong encouragement from the Canadian Heritage Rivers Board, who were already working to conserve the traditions surrounding the rivers in Canada.

This day is closely related to the B.C. Rivers Day, that has been around for a couple of decades. Though celebrated at different times in the year, their aim remains the same: making Canadians aware of their river heritage and why it is important for them to conserve it in this delicate state of the atmosphere.

While rivers remain on the forefront of this day, it has been extended to include other waterbodies too. Conservation efforts also discuss the harmful effects of dumping plastic in lakes. Celebrations also emphasize how to prevent pollution from entering the lake.

Other celebrations include canoeing, boating, rafting, and cycling along the banks of the rivers for understanding their beauty. The simplest way of celebrating this day is by being out on the lake, enjoying a family picnic on the banks of a river, or taking a walk along the banks with a loved one.

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