Burlington teen uses hoverboard to shovel drive, exert minimal effort

Fourteen-year-old Julius de Paz solved a problem that has plagued teens for years. The Burlington, Ontario resident wanted to continue to use his favourite new toy—a hoverboard—but he also had to do his chores. So, he came up with a clever solution: shovering.

Since he received the board for Christmas, de Paz has been using it to turn mundane tasks into exciting, futuristic activities. According to his mother, Jennifer Isabelle, he’s vacuumed, taken out the trash, and played soccer while hovering.

“He basically does everything with it, all of his chores,” Isabelle told Buzzfeed News. “That’s just the first thing that I got on video.”

While this may not seem like the safest way to clear the drive, de Paz’s mother insists that he’s “pretty agile.” Plus, now that he gets to do everything while hovering, de Paz is volunteering to help around the house in other ways.

“He said he’s going to mow the lawn like that in the summer.”