Beyond break-ins: 5 reasons to monitor your cottage when you’re not there

Just as modern home-security systems let you effortlessly check in while you’re at work or on vacation, a cottage-monitoring system gives you peace of mind when you’re away from cottage country. And it’s not just about break-ins or crime-deterrence—although of course those are important considerations—a high-definition security camera system can help you manage guest arrivals and stay in-the-know about issues like fires, floods, critter infestations, and storm damage. From wherever you are, it’s never been easier or more convenient to keep a watchful eye on your vacation home. 

Here are five important things your cottage security system can help you monitor.


Whether you’re concerned about kitchen fires or wildfires, cottage security cameras can help you visually check in from afar in seconds. Wildfires in particular are becoming a bigger concern. According to Mike Flannigan, a professor of wildland fire at the University of Alberta in Calgary, the wildfire season in Canada is getting longer and fires are becoming more intense thanks to climate change. So far this year, over 100,000 hectares of wildfires have burned in northern Alberta alone. 


“Floods can occur in any region of Canada, at any time of the year,” says Public Safety Canada’s Karine Martel. “But most flooding occurs when the volume of water in a river or stream exceeds the capacity of the channel. Flooding also takes place along lake and coastal shorelines, when higher-than-normal water levels inundate low-lying areas.” Causes of overland flooding can include heavy rainfall, rapid snow and ice melt, hurricanes, and the failure of dams. “Overland flooding is one of the most frequent and costly types of disaster in Canada, and the effects can be devastating for communities,” says Martel. 

Today, insurance claims for flooding make up roughly three quarters of all payouts, and parts of Ontario, Quebec, and New Brunswick all experienced historic flooding this year—having a great monitoring system in place is crucial for quick repairs and restoration, which minimizes water damage and prevents the growth of hazardous mould. 

Storm damage

The Insurance Bureau of Canada expects claims from severe weather to top $1 billion this year, according to one estimate. Having a reliable monitoring system in place at the cottage allows you to quickly and easily see the state of your property after each storm, even when your cottage neighbours aren’t there. You’ll feel peace of mind knowing that the cottage is safe. Or, in the case of damage, you’ll know the extent of the impact so you can coordinate repairs. 

Critter infestations

A camera system might not be able to help as much with smaller insects like ants and spiders, but you’ll appreciate the ability to keep an eye on larger, common cottage pests such as mice and bats from afar. After all, no one wants a long-weekend visit or week-long vacation ruined on arrival thanks to a surprise wildlife infestation. At least this way, you’ll have a heads-up and be able to book pest-control services in advance. 

Cottage visitors

Today’s advanced cottage security systems offer a number of sophisticated monitoring features such as remote viewing via mobile apps, motion-activated push notifications and email alerts, and the ability to watch live feeds or playback video from a smartphone or tablet. If you want, you can see when the kids have arrived at the cottage, be notified when short-term rental guests depart, and receive an alert if unexpected visitors arrive. 


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