The Beer Store launches new recycling service

The Beer Store has recently launched a new recycling service that will accept far more than just empties. 

The pilot project, which was launched at a Toronto store on Friday, will allow customers to recycle everything from televisions to cellphones alongside their beer bottles. In fact, the list of electronics, single-use batteries, and paints and coatings accepted by the facility spans 50-plus items. So while not everyone wants to make a stop into The Beer Store for a few empties, this project is meant to provide them with another reason to get there. 

“It is great to have a facility like this: a true one-stop shop where waste-conscious Ontarians can bring their bottles, paint, batteries, and electronics,” Ontario Environment Minister Jim Bradley told the CBC

Known as Recycling Plus, the initiative is a partnership between The Beer Store, Sims Recycling Solutions, and Stewardship Ontario

The current stand-alone facility is located near Toronto’s Dupont St. and Lansdowne Ave., and if successful, Ontarians can expect to see more popping up across the province. For a full list of items the store will take, check out The Beer Store’s website