Beer bandits make off with $500,000 worth of brews, pepperoni, and dried beef

beer Photo by Rhett Wesley on Unsplash

Quebec police are asking for the public’s help tracking down thieves who stole 20,000 cases filled with Grolsch beer, dried beef, and Jack Link’s brand pepperoni from a warehouse in Boucherville.

While this is not the most unusual theft of unique goods in Quebec’s recent history, it’s still a pretty impressive haul.

The heist happened on March 12 in the dead of the night. According to the CBC, alarms and surveillance cameras were turned off before $500,000 worth of goods were loaded into three trucks and driven off.

“The suspects came a couple of time to this building using the trucks, and they emptied the warehouse that way,” commander Jean-Pierre Voutsinos told

“We know it’s several suspects. We just don’t have a number.”

While it’s been nearly a month since the bandits made off with the loot, they are only now attempting to distributing the stolen goods in Quebec and Ontario — which is why the police are reaching out for assistance.

Since the thieves stole such large quantities of beer and jerky, you won’t find them hocking the stuff on street corners. They’re more likely to approach retailers and try to offload the items in bulk.

Police are asking merchants to let them know if any suppliers try to sell this this unique combo of beer and meat — or if merchants ask for any unusual payment methods.

The authorities also wanted to remind the public that they can be fined for buying stolen property, so if you find yourself being offered a six-pack and bag of dried meat for a low, low price, don’t buy it.

After all, beer is already cheaper in Quebec than in most other provinces (and you can always make your own jerky).

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