Beavers invade the Ottawa International Airport

Two beavers on Ottawa Airport stairwell [Credit: Twitter/Ottawa Airport]

In a classic “only in Canada” moment, a couple of beavers got horribly lost this morning and ended up on a set of stairs at the Ottawa International Airport.

Fredericton resident Stephanie Shanks caught a video of the two confused rodents (and, yes, beavers are rodents) wandering up a stairwell. “Doesn’t get more Canadian than that!” Shanks wrote.

Beavers generally like to spend their time in wetlands and in rivers, lakes, and ponds, so it’s a mystery why they’d want to explore the airport, which is about a half-hour’s walk from the Rideau River. Whatever they were looking for, airport staff prevented them from getting too far, and ended up helping capture them, along with a wildlife expert who took them away for relocation.

People on social media seized the opportunity to make groanworthy puns, and even the official Ottawa Airport account got in on it.

“Did they make their flights though?” one Twitter user asked.

“They had a change in plans,” the airport replied. “They got VIB treatment and a ride to their next destination.”

You know, VIB — as in, very important beaver.

The beavers also upstaged another member of Ottawa’s wildlife who’d decided to go wandering today, a wild turkey, who was seen wandering around near the National Arts Centre, where blues rocker George Thorogood will be playing tonight.

The turkey, who has been spotted several times in the city, and even has its own Twitter account, just couldn’t compete with Canada’s national animal. But considering its track record, it will probably turn up again soon, ready to bask in the spotlight once more.

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