Beaver blamed for brush fire in B.C.


The beaver, an ever-popular scapegoat in cottage country, is being blamed once again. This time, it’s for a brush fire that broke out in Maple Ridge, British Columbia. 

The fire was started when a tree fell onto some live power lines. 

While no beaver was actually spotted, “the crews on scene reported that there were definite markings on the tree that the beaver had been working on [it],” Maple Ridge Fire Chief Peter Grootendorst told the CBC

“Whether it was just recent or if a gust of wind came up and the tree was already weakened, we’re not sure,” Grootendorst added. 

Because of the supposed beaver’s work, power was cut for more than 1,000 customers in the area and the left lane of the highway was closed. According to the Maple Ridge News, it’s not the first time a beaver has upset traffic in the area. In 2005 a nearby tree was chewed by a beaver and fell onto a moving pickup truck.