B.C. man gets tackled by a deer while exiting his car

McCook about to get hit by a sprinting deer

There’s only thing worse than getting smashed into by a rogue deer, and that is getting smashed into by a rogue deer on April Fool’s Day.

“I talked to my brothers and they wouldn’t believe me,” Cary McCook told CBC’s As It Happens“My [rap] group, I told them and they didn’t believe me too.”

McCook had been exiting his truck in front of a hotel in Smithers, B.C., when out of nowhere, he was struck by a galloping deer. Shocked, he took to social media to tell people about the incident, only to realize that, because it was April 1, everyone thought he was pulling a prank. “I call my Mom and then I tell her, ‘Mom, I got hit by a deer.’ She couldn’t believe it. She’s like, ‘All right, Cary, good one.'”

So, to prove that the drive-by deering had actually happened, McCook decided to find the security tape that had recorded it. To the surprise of the desk clerk who helped McCook go through the hotel’s tape, the entire thing had been captured on video. He posted it on Facebook and it quickly went viral.

Soon, news outlets were contacting him to ask for interviews. McCook, who is a rapper, had a sense of humour about it, posting on Facebook, “Shout out to that deer for my success!!”

It’s not usual for a deer to initiate contact with a human, but McCook said it was probably an accident, as the deer seemed to be running from a dog. Neither McCook nor the deer were seriously injured.