B.C. man dead after highway collision with moose

On Saturday, a B.C. man was found dead on scene after the vehicle he was in collided with a moose. 

The unnamed man was a passenger in a small car travelling westbound on Highway 16 near Hinton, Alberta. The female driving the car sustained non-life-threatening injuries and was transported to a nearby hospital. 

A full-grown cow moose walked onto the highway where the speed limit is 100 km/hour. Because the vehicle was so small, it is suspected that it took out the animal’s legs and a great deal of its body landed on the car’s windshield and roof, effectively crushing the vehicle and killing the moose.

According to Alberta Transportation, most accidents that occur on the highway between Hinton and Jasper involve wildlife. 

Drivers should be even more cautious in the fall when animals such as moose and deer are searching for a mate and tend to be more active. 

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