Answer the call of adventure: Ontario’s fun capital


Destination: Tobermory
Location: Northern tip of the Bruce Peninsula
Calling card: Scuba diving capital of Canada

Put 300 km of road behind you heading northwest from Toronto and arrive in a mecca of unexpected adventure. Tobermory’s quaint seaside town is the ideal starting place for endless fun—from shipwreck diving to scavenger hunts, camping, kayaking, and much more. Here you’ll find the most spectacular section of the world-famous Bruce Trail footpath, where cliffs drop into the aquamarine shores of Georgian Bay. Search for a clue in the annual Adventure Passport scavenger hunt, plan for a day-long hike, and make time along the way to go diving in The Grotto cave, which features the bluest water in all of Ontario. Don’t leave Tobermory without freshwater diving in the Fathom Five National Marine Park. You’ll be wowed by underwater geological formations and the remnants of 20 historic shipwrecks.

Rev up the comfort
You want to enjoy the journey as much as the destination.

Take turns driving. Being a passenger is just as pleasurable as driving, especially in the Pilot Touring, since it recognizes two different driver’s preferences and automatically adjusts for them. Also, the one-touch second-row seat moves out of the way, so there’s no wrestling in and out of the back.

Detour at will. Nothing like a deviation from the expected to inject some excitement into a long drive. For all those rambling roadsters, the Honda Satellite-Linked Navigation SystemTM guides you with improved graphics,
3-D landmark displays, highway signs, speed limit display, arrival time, and
lane guidance.

Ease into nighttime driving. Start the engine remotely and count on the auto high beams—projector LEDs—to kick in when needed.


Join the Britnells as they learn to ride ATVs, courtesy of Honda Canada.