Answer the call of adventure: Newfoundland’s beautiful ultimatum


Destination: Gros Morne
National Park Location: West coast of Newfoundland
Calling card: UNESCO World Heritage Site

Driving Gros Morne—a geologically stunning outlying range of the Appalachians—is an unforgettable experience. It was here, after all, that geologists proved the theory of plate tectonics. Observe rough, prehistoric terrain, dense forests full of rare flora and fauna, ancient sea floors, and preserved ocean avalanches. You’ll also be snapping photos of tiny seaside communities, freshwater fjords (deep, narrow lake drains), alpine-arctic bogs, barren lowlands, moose, and shorelines. For the bold-hearted, Gros Morne offers Canada’s greatest backpacking adventure: the Long Range Traverse. This 3.5-day course guarantees world-class scenery along the 800-metre-high mountain range, including awe-inspiring fjords, a disorienting landscape of tuckamore (impenetrable small trees), and numerous rock-covered plateaus. Prepare to push your navigation skills to the limit, using a compass and a map. There’s no trail and GPS isn’t reliable—it’s just you and the outdoors at its most challenging.

Explore with confidence

You want to count on your ride to get you there safely.

Map it out. Small roads in mountain ranges may not be represented on GPS. Before you hit the road, determine your route the old-fashioned way with a detailed map.

Pay attention. Allow extra space between you and the vehicle in front of you along winding mountain roads and watch for wildlife. Benefit from the Pilot Touring’s many safety and driver-assistive technologies, such as the Collision Mitigation Braking SystemTM, engineered to apply the brakes when it senses risk of certain collisions.

Enjoy the drive. Don’t sweat unexpected changes in terrain. The Pilot Touring’s Intelligent Traction Management System switches between snow, mud, and sand settings. Bonus: steering-wheel mounted paddle shifters with electronic gear selector give you back the control.


Join the Britnells as they learn to use Honda power equipment, courtesy of Honda Canada.