Anchorage police involved in a two-hour chase with a runaway bear

Bear next to a restaurant in Anchorage

Some things only happen in Alaska. Among them: a lengthy and involved police chase with a black bear, spanning several Anchorage neighbourhoods.

The bear was spotted downtown around 6:00 p.m. When the police reached it, it fled, scampering down the road. The police pursued, beginning a chase which ended up lasting two hours. During the pursuit, the bear ran through back alleys, along busy roads, and even into a Pizza Hut parking lot.

Eventually, the bear ended up climbing a park tree, and it was there that the Department of Fish and Game were finally able to nab the animal.

Anchorage is Alaska’s largest city, with nearly 300,000 residents—not to mention around 300 bears. However, a bear taking a walking tour of downtown is a rarity.

The Anchorage Police Department posted a video compilation of the bear’s exploits to its Facebook page, getting over one million views. Apparently, people far and wide were quite taken with the animal’s visit to the city.

No one was hurt during the bear’s adventure.