Vosker V150 review: A security camera made for off-gridders

outdoor nighttime setting with the vosker security camera set up Photo by Vosker
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If you’re interested in keeping an eye on your cottage when you aren’t around, Quebec-based Vosker’s V150 solar-powered LTE cellular outdoor security camera is a great option—especially if you want a camera that you can set up quickly and easily. 

The weather-resistant, heavy-duty security camera features an easy-to-install articulating mounting arm and a built-in solar panel that powers its sizeable battery, making it perfect for remote spots where power isn’t available. 

Unlike many other options, the V150 doesn’t require Wi-Fi. Instead, if there’s a cell phone signal available at your cottage, the camera transmits photos directly to Vosker’s smartphone app. Images are also backed up on a microSD card that comes with the camera. 

The V150 only snaps photos—still photos—when it detects movement, within a 90-foot range. The camera’s motion detection can be a little over-sensitive, however, sometimes taking photos when it detects shadows shifting. 

If you’re looking for remote video capture, Vosker’s V200 is similar to the V150, but can shoot up to 90 seconds of high-definition video, though the frame rate is a little jumpy.

The V150 costs $349 and requires a $10 monthly subscription that allows for 500 photos, 10 HD photos, and seven days of photo history. More expensive plans allow for additional photos and history.

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