All aboard the Maple Taffy: Ottawa’s LRT cars get new names

ottawa's lrt cars get new names Trevor Pritchard/CBC Ottawa

Though Ottawa’s light rail transit system began with a rocky start in the form of a massive sinkhole, it’s full steam ahead when it comes to naming the rail cars.

In November, kids under 16 were invited to submit their ideas for the 40 rail cars that will begin traveling the lines in November 2018. The City of Ottawa received nearly 2,000 names, and narrowed it down to the final 40.

A couple trains will bear the names some of our female Canadian heroes from history, including Emily Murphy, Emily Carr, and Henrietta Edwards.

From politicians to rock stars, the men are represented as well. Gord Downie, Louis Riel, Jacques Cartier, and Samuel de Champlain all made the list.

Some highlighted the Indigenous culture, with names like Totem, Dreamcatcher, Inukshuk, and Odawa.

Others put a spotlight on the Canadian presence in World War 2, with Normandy, Juno, and Poppy.

Of course, it isn’t just topics of Canadian history that made the list. Some of the winners included icons of Canada in their suggestions, including the Mountie, the Majestic Moose, Maple Taffy, and even the Eh-Train.

Find the full list of names here.

What would you have suggested?

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