Alberta RCMP officer chases tractor thief by snowmobile

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During the most Canadian police chase ever, an RCMP officer hitched a ride on a snowmobile to chase a stolen tractor through a snowy field near Red Deer earlier this week.

After the RCMP received a call regarding a break-in at a rural home east of Red Deer, where firearms and other items had reportedly been stolen, they received another call about a hijacked John Deere tractor.

The Mounties gave chase and pursued the stolen tractor through farm fields. The getaway tractor crashed through fences and trees, but undaunted by the collisions, the machine kept going.

During the pursuit, one of the officers stopped a nearby snowmobiler, who graciously offered the officer a ride to catch the thief. The pair continued to track the tractor through the farmland.

The chase came to a dramatic end when the tractor attempted to climb a hill, stalled, and rolled down the hill and flipped over. The driver was arrested at the scene.

A 25-year-old has been charged with theft, break and enter, and multiple counts of mischief.

While the driver did not suffer any injuries, the tractor was in bad shape after the chase.

This story is up there with other quintessentially Canadian crimes like the Ottawa man who tried (and failed) to rob a convenience store with a hockey stick, and the great maple syrup heist of 2012.