Abandoned husky with ‘weird’ eyes goes viral and gets adopted

Photo courtesy of Husky House/Facebook

Jubilee the abandoned husky has a new home. The pup went viral and was adopted after an animal rescue shelter in New Jersey shared photos on Facebook along with an explanation of why the four-year-old dog was given up.

A breeder gave Jubilee to Husky House in 2018, telling them she couldn’t be sold because she was “weird” looking. Jubilee’s eyes are closer together than other huskies because of a congenital issue with her eyelids, making her look like she’s in a constant state of surprise. Besides this one physical difference, Jubilee is a completely healthy dog.

Photo courtesy of Husky House/Facebook

It may have taken almost two years, but with a little help from the internet, Jubilee finally found her fur-ever home. The Husky House posted the photos of the dog, and within 48 hours, they went viral with over 47,000 shares. This prompted her new family, and previous Husky House adopters, to reach out to the shelter.

Photo courtesy of Husky House/Facebook

Jubilee joins two other huskies and now has a Facebook page where you can see what she’s up to with her new fur friends.

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