A wild stag visits this old woman every day

Stag eating from woman's hand [Credit: Britt Haugsevje Vangen]

When her husband died a few years ago, Norwegian 80-something Mette Kvam found herself faced with a lonely future. She lived alone, had no children, and didn’t have reason to expect many visitors.

But it turns out she has had one consistent visitor for the past several years, a gentleman by the name of Flippen has shown up at her home twice a day for snacks and a bit of company. Flippen is the rarest type of friend — consistent, punctual, and devoted. But there’s another way he’s unusual: he’s a wild stag.

Flippen comes to a side window of Kvam’s home twice a day and eats treats she gives him, according to her neighbour, Britt Haugsevje Vangn. She spotted the stag coming to Kvam’s house one day and took a video of him raising himself to his hind legs to take food from Kvam’s hand.

“She says that they are so lucky for having each other,” Vangen told Caters News. “Mette has no kids and since her husband passed away she has no one ― she only has Flippen in her life now.”

Wildlife encounters aren’t exactly a rarity in Norway, where deer and moose are common and to some extent have to coexist with humans. Of course, the encounters aren’t always so cheerful. Some wild animals clearly become irritated when forced to interact with humans. But Flippen, while not friendly with all humans, clearly has a soft spot for Kvam. “It seems like they are best friends,” Haugsevje Vangen said.

And the friendship has paid off for him, beyond receiving treats. In fact, it may be helping him stay alive. “The hunters in the area have decided not to shoot him because of [his and Kvam’s] friendship,” said Haugsevje Vangen.

It just goes to show, friendship has many rewards.

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