A naptime saga of a boy and his best friend

Not many of us can say we found a best friend before we were two years old. Especially not one that knows exactly when it’s time to cuddle up for a nap.

The lucky toddler, Beau Shyba, met his sleepy time pal at a shelter in Santa Cruz, California—and the two have been adorably inseparable since.

The mother of Beau, Jessica Shyba, has induced many visitors to her blog, Momma’s Gone City, with her picture-perfect naptime photos of Beau and best friend/puppy, Theo.

Since the pup found Beau’s lap at the shelter, the two have been bonded so tightly that the canine follows Beau’s sleep schedule, and slips into bed with him each afternoon for “a minimum of 2 hours together,” says mother Jessica Shyba.

Shyba hypothesizes that the relationship may be based on their closeness of size and age; she thinks Theo may have mistaken Beau for a littermate as Theo is only a tender eight weeks old.

Abandoned early by his mother, Theo found comfort in his reliable friend.

The two play and bicker when they are awake, but never miss out on snuggling during their daily doze.

Shyba says the naps are a testament to “what I can only describe as the most organic and beautiful friendship I have ever witnessed.”

The overwhelming response to the photos, which you can see below, has inspired her to use the project to help pair more furry friends up with their forever homes.

She plans to publish a book of the dreamy photos and donate the proceeds to the shelter Theo came from, the Santa Cruz SPCA, which is currently fundraising to build a new building.







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