8 ways you can participate in Earth Day from home

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We love to promote taking care of the Earth every day, but Earth Day is a time for us to reevaluate the actions we are taking to minimize our environmental impact. This year, we’re focussing on what we can do on April 22 to participate in #EarthDayAtHome.

This year’s official theme is, “Let’s take care of the planet.” Although this may seem like an unattainable task, if we all participate in some small way, big changes will follow. With so many of us staying home, and the usual Earth Day gatherings and activities cancelled, here are 10 easy ways you can celebrate Earth Day whether you’re home, alone, or with your family.

Aim for zero-waste, or at least less waste

While a zero-waste household may not seem feasible, we have a few tips to get you one step closer. First, pick a room. Figure out what garbage you constantly have coming from that room. Then, pick a few items to switch out for zero-waste alternatives, like these options for the kitchen. You’ll be producing less household waste in no time.

Change your lighting

This simple change will not only help the environment, but it will save you money on your next bill. LEDs, for example, use at least 75 percent less energy than traditional incandescent lighting, and they also last about 25 times longer. Here are even more ways to save money and energy with lighting.

Switch up your cleaning products

Chemicals in your typical cleaning products are harmful to the environment. Don’t know what to change them out for? No matter the mess, we’ve got an eco-friendly cleaning solution for you.

Shop your closet

We know you have lots of time on your hands these days, so why not start digging through the back corner of your closet? Take a look at what clothes you have for spring. You might find a pair of lightweight sweats you forgot you had. Then pile up any clothing you didn’t wear this past winter and package them up for a consignment shop.

Collect your old batteries

We get it: old, dead batteries are annoying to dispose of, but throwing them in the garbage is not the answer. If a battery ends up in a landfill, its chemicals can leach into the soil and our water supply. Play a game to collect all of the batteries in the house: whoever can find the most, wins (insert prize here). Check Call2Recycle to find out where you can take your collection.

Go on a walk

Yes, your daily sanity-saving walk counts. We always knew walking was good for your health, but the pandemic has helped us realize a few other physical and mental benefits too.

Eat seasonally

If you have the ability, spend the day eating produce that is grown and harvested in springtime in your area. These fruits and vegetables undergo less processing and travel shorter distances, so they are full of flavour and freshness when they hit your plate. Check out this chart to find out how you can eat seasonally year-round.

Get planting

It’s time to build that vegetable garden you’ve always wanted. Whether you’re building a raised bed or growing in patio pots, having your own vegetables and herbs means fewer trips to the store and the freshest produce possible.

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