8 ways to prepare for your first family camping trip

It’s natural to feel some nervousness and trepidation ahead of your first family camping trip; after all, it’s hard to know what to expect at camp, and the kids may be anxious about sleeping in tents for the first time. Plus, there can be a lot of preparation and planning required, and a long list of gear and essentials you’ll need to acquire and bring for the big trip.

Of course, it will all be worth it in the end, when you’re roasting marshmallows and singing campfire songs with your family under the stars. Until then, here are ten things you can do to be well-prepared for your first family camping trip.

Be ready for all kinds of weather

You may come across inclement weather on your trip. On the road, the Kia Telluride offers convenient features such as special terrain modes that make traction in snow, mud, and sand a cinch, along with an available Heads-Up Display that’s designed to keep you in-tune with both your surroundings and the vehicle. At the campsite, you’ll want to have waterproof tents and extras such as tarps and groundsheets to stay sheltered from the elements and precipitation.

Customize a first-aid kit

Accidents will happen. You’ll want to bring a well-stocked first-aid kit with everything from bandages to blister balms to ointments for light burns and itchy bug bites. Feel free to include atypical products that your particular family members may want or need, such as allergy medication and antacids for heartburn relief.

Dress in layers

Evenings by the water can occasionally be chilly, even in the peak of summer. Prepare for temperature fluctuations by bringing plenty of breathable, lightweight garments that can be easily layered and combined in efficient, comfortable combinations.

Plan your meals

Before you hit the road, create a sample menu for each meal during your trip. It might feel like a tedious exercise, but will help make sure that you’ve brought along enough food for the group, and ensure that items such as meat and cheese that would normally be refrigerated are consumed first. With the Kia Telluride, there’s plenty of cargo capacity, so you may even want to consider bringing a 12V car cooler or mini fridge to keep your food fresh longer.  

Know your plants

Poison ivy is a camping scourge, but lesser-known plants such as giant hogweed and stinging nettle can also ruin a camping excursion if you don’t know to avoid them. Be sure to look up any dangerous plants that might be near your campsite, and show your family images of the greenery to avoid.

Bring insect repellents

Depending on the time of year and camp location, you may encounter anything from ticks and mosquitoes to black flies and ants on your trip. No one enjoys getting a bug bite, but some insects can even spread serious diseases such as Lyme. You won’t regret packing a strong repellent for yourself, a child-friendly spray for any kids, and insect-repellent products such as citronella candles for the campsite.

Wear plenty of sunscreen

Even if you’re spending most of your days in the woods, be sure to have heavy-duty sunscreen on hand for the whole family. If you’re not careful and diligent about sunscreen application, hours spent swimming in a lake or hiking along trails might lead to a sunburn.

Have games and other entertainment

Low-tech entertainment like puzzles, cards, and board games are great for rainy days and other quiet stretches of time. Sports and outdoor pursuits are perfect for camping trips, but your family may just as easily bond over a competitive game of Scrabble.

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