7 outdoorsy shoes every cottager needs

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When it comes to cottage-friendly footwear, the number one most important quality is ease. The cottage is where you come to kick off your shoes and relax—both literally and metaphorically—so extra fussy straps and buckles simply won’t do. Here are the seven types of outdoorsy shoes that every cottager should own.

Water Shoes

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Avoid stepping on jagged rocks in the lake—or touching slimy seaweed—with a good pair of water shoes. Buy now on Amazon.

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Flip Flops

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It’s important to have an easy pair of shoes you can slip in and out of at a moment’s notice. We suggest these textured EVA rubber flip flops, but you could just as easily substitute in a pair of Crocs or Adidas shower slides. Buy now on Amazon.

Waterproof Sandals

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Slip-on sandals may be easy to wear,  but it’s also important to have a pair of sandals that attach securely to your foot so they don’t slip off while doing outdoor activities, a bonus if they’re waterproof. If you’re spending lots of time by the water, your feet might inadvertently get wet so it’s good to have a pair of sandals that will dry quickly. Buy now on Teva.

Slip-on Boots

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Whether you’re setting up a fire pit or waxing a canoe, you’ll want a sturdy pair of boots. Blundstones are the classic pull-on Chelsea boot. They are practical, durable, and comfortable. Buy now at Walking on a Cloud.

Hiking Boots

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Hiking trails around the cottage require footwear that’s a bit sturdier than a pair of slip-on boots. Choose a pair of hiking boots that lace tightly around the ankles to help avoid injuries if you happen to fall down while on a trail. Buy now on Mountain Equipment Co-op.

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Winter Boots

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If you’re headed to the cottage in winter, you’ll need heavy-duty waterproof winter boots to withstand the snow and ice. We recommend these waterproof Kamik boots that will keep feet warm in temperatures up to forty below. Browse our ranking of the top 20 winter boots for cold weather to find the perfect pair. Buy now on Amazon.

Rubber Boots

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Rubber boots are a necessity for rainy days and mucky weather. Instead of accidentally ruining a pair of slip-on boots by wearing them out in the mud, invest in a pair of rubber boots. The proprietary handles on Bogs boots makes them incredibly easy to wear. Buy now on Amazon.

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