7 gift ideas for the die-hard cottager

Padraig cottage slippers

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It’s December—holiday time. And for a lot of cottagers, the serenity of cottage life has never seemed quite so far away. If you know someone who owns a cottage, they’re probably longing for that quiet more at this time of year than just about any other.

If you’re a cottager, or know cottagers, or want to tempt someone into being a cottager, our Christmas gift list has you covered. From gifts that are usable now to give city life that little bit of cottage flare to stuff that the cottager on your list will be itching to use once they’re back up where they really belong, this list has something for everyone.

Woodstove fan

One of the challenges of a wood-heated year-round cottage is dispersing the lovely warm air throughout the building. This fan uses the heat of a woodstove to power its fan blades—perfect if the electricity goes out or non-existent.

Outdoor movie projector

Okay, so the cottager on your list can’t sit outside and watch movies right now—but it never hurts to have something to look forward to. There are a variety of options for showing movies al fresco, from a pocket-sized projector for iPhones or Android devices to full-on projectors with built-in speakers and smartphone docks. You can buy inflatable outdoor screens, too, but a white sheet works just fine. Throw in some popcorn, and there’s a movie night under the stars all ready to go.

Padraig Cottage slippers

These handcrafted slippers are the definition of cozy—you won’t want to take them off. Each pair is made hand-spun raw wool and with a hand-cut sheepskin sole. There are so many colour combinations, you can buy the Padraig Cottage slippers for everyone on your list.

Self-watering planter

A lot of people like the idea of gardening at the cottage—and hate getting there on the weekend just to see their plants have withered in a sudden mid-week heat wave. Self-watering planters are the answer. Good for flowers, herbs, tomatoes and salad greens, these planters can be topped up at the end of the weekend to keep plants at an optimum moisture level all week.

Two-way radio

Although cellphone reception is getting better in a lot of areas, it can still be patchy—and if the cottager on your list likes to hike or boat, they’ll be a lot safer if they can get in touch without having to rely on those elusive signal bars on their phones. Two-way radios can help keep hikers, runners and boaters in touch, even when cell signals are non-existent.

Cards Against Humanity

Even cottagers without kids need to find ways to stay amused, especially on long rainy days—and what better way to do that than a slightly awkward, completely despicable card game. Downloadable for free (you just need to print the cards) and dubbed “a party game for horrible people,” Cards Against Humanity has the potential to be both offensive and completely hilarious. If you’re not quite up for the toe-curling moments of Cards Against Humanity, Quelf is a good, bizarrely random game for anyone 12 and up.

Beekman Heirloom Dessert Cookbook

Get more than 100 delicious dessert recipes from “The Fabulous Beekman Boys,” as seen on Cottage Life Television.

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