7 cottage-inspired Halloween costume ideas

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The cottage is closed for the season and you’re feeling the withdrawals. Luckily, Halloween is here and you can channel a piece of paradise no matter where you are or what you’re doing. Try one of these five cottage-inspired Halloween costume ideas if you’re trick or treating, celebrating at home with the family, or having a virtual party.


No, it’s not weird to be sentimental about your outhouse. Anyone who has made a 3 a.m. trip to the privy knows the real definition of privacy, plus the moonlit walk is always a bonus. And while we couldn’t find a complete outhouse costume to wear, try taping this outhouse door cover over your clothes and sticking a roll of toilet paper on your arm.

Bag of Potato Chips

If there aren’t at least three bags of chips in your cupboard, are you even at the cottage? Bring back the memories of licking your sticky fingers while sunbathing on the dock with by wearing your favourite bag of potato chips.


We know every cottager owns a plaid shirt, so all you need for this Halloween costume is a little facial hair and an axe. Try this set that comes with a stick-on beard and toy axe. We suggest grabbing a toque from your winter stash and a pair of suspenders to complete the look.


There’s no denying we’ve all heard the sound of tiny feet pitter-pattering in the walls. And while you may not miss mice during the off-season, we still think this onsie costume will bring up a few good stories and laughs you can share on Halloween.


How many pictures do you have of sunsets on your phone? Bring back the happy memories of going down to the dock to watch the sky and water change colours with this sunset sweater. Wear it with a pair of sunglasses or DIY your own sun burst headband.


We love a cottage garden that’s full of whimsical decor. If you’re missing your gnome friends up north, try this costume. And if you’re looking for a family Halloween costume idea, grab a few different versions and sizes.


Do you miss ending your evenings around a campfire with a bag of marshmallows and bar of chocolate? Us too. This three-person s’more costume will hit all of the sweet notes without any of the ooey, gooey mess.

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