6 luxurious rental properties Meghan and Harry should consider for their northern honeymoon

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Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are looking for a new honeymoon venue, and it’s got to be worthy of royalty – so naturally, Canada is in the running. Rumour has it that the Duke and Duchess of Sussex (as they’re now officially titled) are thinking of following up their massively public wedding with some private time in the great north.

Meghan Markle already has ties to Canada, having lived in Toronto in the past, but this time it’s rumoured she and her princely spouse may be heading for someplace a little more scenic. Rumours have already circulated that the royal couple will visit the scenic Alberta Rockies.

But we don’t want to dig too deep into their plans. The two have already had to re-plan their honeymoon once, after the location leaked and was considered a security risk. Instead, we’re here to throw some suggestions into the ring.

Here are a few Canadian vacation rentals we think are worthy of the most beloved couple on Earth.

Sun-Kissed Bay Cottage in Parry Sound, Ontario

Living room vaulted ceiling cottage
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What better place for a couple of newlyweds than a sun-kissed cottage?

Six bedrooms and six bathrooms might seem a little excessive for two people, but hey, they’re royalty. This beautiful wood-paneled cottage is all about luxury and amenities. It boasts beautiful wood paneling and a double-vaulted wooden ceiling, and has a big open-concept kitchen in case the honeymooners feel like doing some cooking (does the royal family cook?). There’s also a boathouse looking out onto Joseph Lake, the perfect getaway-within-a-getaway. The nightly rate is steep, but we’re pretty sure they can afford it.

Starting price: $4,285 (or £2,478) per night

Westwood in Mactier, Ontario

Westwood cottage from above
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If Buckingham Palace were a log cabin, it might look something like Westwood, a mansion-sized cottage on the shores of Lake Joseph. This 8000-square-foot luxury property is carefully landscaped and maintained, with incredible views from anywhere on the grounds. Inside, a stately great room has a hanging antler chandelier, beautifully constructed log walls, and a stone fireplace. There are comforts within, and natural wonders awaiting just beyond the doors. If Meghan and Harry want to get a taste of the log-cabin life without sacrificing any comforts, this is the perfect rental.

Starting price: $4,285 (or £2,505) per night

The Mabel Lake House Eco Retreat Lodge in Lumby, BC

Mabel Lake House from above
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There’s no point in coming to Canada without spending time outdoors. This retreat on BC’s Mabel Lake has enough outdoor amenities to make going inside almost entirely unnecessary. The massive log cabin has balconies, a boat dock, a gazebo, and even outdoor seating for 24 people, just in case this honeymoon happens to have visitors. And surrounded by 142 acres, this cottage is private, a definite perk when the paparazzi are sure to be searching for ways to tag along. The rental also includes an on-site groundskeeper and chef, which is exactly the kind of thing Prince Harry might need to feel at home.

Starting price: $2,500 (or £1,446) per night

Moot Point Cottage in Gravenhurst, Ontario

Moot Point Cottage kitchen
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But perhaps, after so much exposure, Prince Harry and Meghan are looking for some secluded time indoors. Moot Point Cottage in Gravenhurst, Ontario, offers plenty of reasons to stay indoors. Designed by famed Toronto architect Jerome Markson, the space is full of small architectural touches that elevate it from a mere cottage. We know Prince Harry appreciates pool (he famously lost a game of “strip billiards” in Vegas in 2012), so perhaps he’d appreciate the property’s games room, which boasts not only a pool table, but a fireplace, an indoor hot tub, a sauna, and a bar. The cottage overlooks the one and only Lake Muskoka, with big, bright windows and skylights, so even indoor days will be filled with airy sunlight.

Starting price: $3,928 (or £2,274) per night

Wanderlust in Gravenhurst, Ontario

Aerial view of Wanderlust cottage on Lake muskoka
Photo courtesy of CanadaStays

Let’s be real: it’s all about the lake. A cabin could be a one-room teardown, but if it’s on the shores of one of the most beautiful lakes in the world, it’s fit for a literal king. Wanderlust — a fitting name — would probably be worthy of the monarchy regardless, but this cottage also happens to be surrounded on three sides by beautiful Lake Muskoka, and in our minds, that makes it one of the top vacation spots on the planet. Prince Harry is one of the only royals we can picture on waterskis, so he should probably make the most of it by taking advantage of the recreational opportunities offered by one of the world’s most beautiful lakes. And on top of all that, this 8-bedroom 7-bathroom cottage also has a piano — just in case Elton John pops by.

Starting price: $5714 or (£3,305) per night

Muskoka’s White House in Minett, Ontario

White House Muskoka bedroom with floor-to-ceiling windows
Photo courtesy of CanadaStays

This White House isn’t white, but it is stately enough for world leaders (and we’re including the monarchy). Constructed in 2015, this glass cottage is just steps from Lake Rosseau, one of Muskoka’s finest. There’s a boathouse full of outdoor gear, a small beach, and even a zipline, in case Meghan and Harry want to get crazy. Inside is the usual luxury fare: marble countertops, walk-in fridge, indoor bar, and hot tub. It’s the perfect blend of indoor comforts and outdoor beauty. We can just picture Meghan Markle and Prince Harry settling down in their Muskoka chairs to watch the sun set.

Starting price: $4,643 (or £2,686) per night

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