35th anniversary celebration: CL founder Al Zikovitz’s infamous martini recipe

martini with a twist in a glass with a dock and a lake in the background Photo by Al Zikovitz

No Cottage Life party is complete without a martini made by founder Al Zikovitz—it’ll get the party started, if you catch our drift. Make your own, and raise a glass to 35 years with us! (CL will not be held responsible for behaviour under the influence of Al’s martini.)

Tanqueray, straight up with a twist, very cold, very dry. No vermouth. Add to a shaker with lots of ice (then double what you added, because that’s how Al rolls).

Shake until your hands freeze. Pour into a martini glass, then squeeze the zest from a fresh lemon peel until you can see the oil floating on the gin. Rub the peel on the rim. (“When you bring the martini up to your mouth, you’ll want the enjoy the aroma too,” says Al.)

“I normally enjoy one down at the dock around sunset.

“For over 20 years, we’ve hosted an annual party. The first year, I made less than 10 martinis for our guests. In 2019, I served up close to four litres.”

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