3 dog walking experiences you have to try

Woman walking dog in park Photo by Ksenia Raykova/Shutterstock

We’ve been cooped up for a while now. And while it may have been great hanging with your pup 24/7 for the first bit of quarantine, he might be getting a little restless these days. Just because us humans have to stay home right now doesn’t mean your pup has to as well. Here are three ways you can give your dog the walk he deserves.

Wild Dogs Day Hikes + Cabin Stays

Does your dog miss the great outdoors? This northern retreat offers vacation days for dogs. (We’re jealous!) Book a hike with Wild Dogs (starting at $42) and your pup will get to spend the day at a 34-acre, fenced-in property, where there are hills to run up and forests to explore. This all-day supervised adventure includes complimentary transportation to and from home.


This dog-walking app makes it easy for your dog to get outside, no matter your schedule. Whether you’re having a busy work week, have to isolate, or don’t have the time to go for the walks your pup needs, Rover will take care of it. Set up a profile for your pooch and find local dog walkers in the area—you can see their experience, walks they’ve done in the past, and more. You can message each other via the app and set reoccurring walks when you know you’ll be busy.


Need to give up the reigns (or leash, in this case), but would feel better doing so if you knew where your pooch was every second of their walk? Try Spot. This app connects you to local dog walkers, and when it’s walk time, tracks your pup’s route via GPS. Walks booked through Spot can start immediately or for the future, are totally private, and range in time.

With all of these options, plus the good news for dogs during the pandemic, life is anything but ruff for our pups.

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