3 DIY Mother’s Day gift ideas you can make

Love spelled out with buttons Photo courtesy Lisa Silfwerbrand

Celebrating Mother’s Day is a wonderful tradition that gives us the chance to show the women in our lives how much we appreciate their kindness, love, and support. Let’s honour all they contribute to our lives by creating something special to show how much we care. Here are three thoughtful DIY Mother’s Day gifts that you can make to give the women you love.

Share your memories and keepsakes

sweet memories board
A Sweet Memories board is the perfect way to display all of those little keepsakes we cherish.

stained board

1. Start with a piece of wood that is approximately 12×24 and give it a rich, aged look by staining it brown.

add sweet memories script to board

2. Using pink paint, add the sweet memories script to the top of the board.

add twine to board

3. Wrap a piece of twine around the board several times and attach the ends to the back with staples.

sweet memories board
4. Use small wooden clothespins to fill the board with special momentos and sweet memories.

Show your love

Love spelled out with buttons

Grab your stash of old buttons to create a beautiful piece of DIY Mother’s Day art that shows how much you care.

1. Start by discarding the glass and backing from an old frame and then give the wood a coat of paint.

Lay cardboard out on burlap

2. Cut a piece of cardboard to fit the frame, wrap it with burlap, and then place it into the frame.

Buttons pinned onto burlap

3. Using clear, white, and ivory buttons lay out the word love except for the letter “o”. Add a dab of hot glue to secure each one in place.

Love spelled out with buttons

4. Finish your handiwork by making the letter o using a piece of jewellery that holds special meaning.

Enjoy spring blooms

rustic flower box

Spring is bursting with sweet scents and gorgeous colours. Bringing flowers indoors always results in pure joy. Create a rustic flower box to hold your fresh-cut blooms:

1. Start by cutting one-inch wood into five pieces. You will need one piece cut 6×14 (bottom), two pieces cut 3x 6 (ends), and two pieces cut 3×12 (sides).

2. Paint each piece and let dry. Sand the edges of the wood to give each piece a distressed look.

3. Using wood glue, attach the pieces to make a rectangle box.

4. Add lettering to the side with paint, stickers, or a marker. Add three mason jars inside to finish off the box.

5. The flower lovers in your life will love one of these farmhouse boxes.


Looking for more DIY Mother’s Day gift ideas? Try these pressed-flower cookies.

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