24 things you can do at home this long weekend that you’d do at the cottage

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No matter where you are this long weekend, you’ve got an extra 24 hours to officially welcome in the spring season. And while the tasks may look a little different this year than in years past, that doesn’t mean you have to forgo that long list of “opening up” chores.

Chances are while you were busy cleaning the gutters at the cottage last year, you totally neglected the ones at your own home. So, we present you with 24 things you can do this May Two-Four weekend so you won’t feel like you’re missing out on anything.

1. Sit stationary for three hours to simulate sitting in traffic

You’ve got to get into the cottage spirit somehow. Why not start how most long weekend would? By sitting in pretend traffic. (Occasional fist-shaking highly encouraged.) You can check out these traffic apps while you wait for the time to pass. Or, one bonus of not actually having to drive is that you can have a drink!

2. Not shower until Monday night

While you’re waiting in car, prepare yourself for a 72 hours of no showering. That is unless you’ve built this handy outdoor shower.

3. Fill the bathtub with ice-cold water and plunge in. First dip of the season, aww yeah!

4. Make a special opening-weekend May two-four cocktail.

Try this one using in-season rhubarb. Or, you know, just crack open a few brewskis.

5. Look for water damage and mould

Now that you’ve gone for jump in the “lake” and had some time to relax, it’s time to get to work. First up, checking how your place has stood up to winter weather and spring showers by looking for damage.

6. Dust for cobwebs

And we can’t forget to do a little spring cleaning inside too.

7. Spend a few hours with your head under the kitchen sink. 

You’d for sure be doing this. And we definitely don’t want you to miss out. But, we can make it a little easier thanks to this device.

8. Find mouse corpses in terrible places

Behind the fridge. In the teapot. In your bed. You might have to plant them in your house, to accurately mimic the cottage experience. But it’ll be worth it.

9. Clean the gutters

We know it’s your least favourite chore, but these tips will help you deal with Canada’s changing climate.

10. Make up the guest bed(s), and stash bug spray, warm socks, and a flashlight in the night table(s). Cottage guests always forget those things.

11. Put on your own bug spray

No bug bites this weekend!

12. Don’t brush your hair. 

13. Brush your teeth just once a day. (Hey, not like you’re coming into close contact with anyone anyways!)

14. Sit on the deck with a coffee in the morning

One of our ultimate cottage moments doesn’t have to be missed just because you’re at home. Look longingly at these photos of misty mornings on the dock while you take your first sip.

15. Go sit on the deck as the sun sets

And don’t miss the equally as relaxing and perfect time of day.

16. Wear the same sweatpants all weekend

17. Barbecue everything, even breakfast. In fact, especially breakfast.

Here’s how to turn your burger into the ultimate breakfast sandwich.

18. Eat chips for dinner over the sink

19. Eat pancakes. Eat butter tarts. Eat burgers. Just eat all weekend long.

And if you want to put a little spin on the classics, try these butter tarts.

20. Roast marshmallows with the fireplace channel and a lighter

Dessert doesn’t have to suffer just because you’re missing a fire pit.

21. Blast some tunes. Say “Sorry!” to your neighbours, like a good Canadian.

Here’s the playlist of what we’ll be listening to this weekend.

22. Do a puzzle: a 1,000-piece puzzle (and not the one you’ve been doing for the past two months during lockdown; a new one).

Or try one of these fun board games.

23. Need a little exercise? Chop wood wearing a Kenora dinner jacket

It’ll work up an appetite so you can eat more chips over the sink. Check out these tips on how to chop and store your wood properly.

24. Call up your cottage neighbours and talk about the weather and the bugs



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