15 reasons why your naps at the cottage are the best naps you’ve ever had


Naps—once considered an indulgence—have finally earned their rightful place as a habit worth adopting. In 2016, BCTI installed two sleep pods so students could squeeze in some shuteye between study sessions. Sleep capsule companies are launching operations in airports worldwide, including at Toronto Pearson.

More startups and big companies alike are also including nap rooms in redesigned office spaces. We love that daytime naps at work and school no longer have to be done on the sly. (After all, isn’t getting paid to sleep pretty much the dream?) However, nothing will ever beat a cottage nap. Here are 15 reasons why.

1. Two words: anytime and anywhere. At 10 a.m. on the dock? That’s what Muskoka chairs are for. Early evening in front of the fire? Enjoy. A little snooze on the couch after lunchtime? Nobody is judging. (Just don’t nod off in the hot tub. That’s just dangerous.)

2. Speaking of “anywhere,” while naps at home tend to be limited to beds or couches, you can expand your repertoire with the cottage nap. Hammocks are an obvious go-to, but we suggest trying out your canoe as well.

3. We all know that the ideal time for a nap is 20 minutes, but cottage time operates differently. That’s why if you nap for an hour, it’s still the ideal time.

4. One nap per day? No need to set a limit on naps at the cottage.

5. All that trekking up and down from the dock to grab drinks equates to a fair amount of physical activity, which means deeper and better naps.

6. Round-the-clock cottage snacking might just help stimulate the production of leptin, a hormone linked to satisfaction, which improves sleep.

7. The easiest way to fall asleep is by visualizing a peaceful, restful environment. But at the cottage, no visualization is necessary—you’re already there.

8. While we sleep, our brain processes auditory stimulation. Snoozing beside lapping water or listening to the breeze through the trees just makes our naps that much better.

9. This isn’t a “power nap”—it’s just a straight-up nap, considering you don’t have to cram it in between chores, errands, and appointments.

10. Even better, naps at the cottage are a luxury, not a necessity for survival.

11. Unlike your office, nobody at the cottage is going to judge you for taking a nap.

12. In fact, your fellow cottage-goers might actually be interested in hearing about your crazy dreams post-nap.

13. Since you’re already clad in cozy cottage gear, there’s no need to change before you bed down.

14. According to experts, unlike nighttime sleeps, it’s best to nap in a warmer environment. So there’s scientific proof that nodding off with the sun on your back is good for you.

15. At what other time can you perfectly time your naps to share them with loved ones? Cottage naps are the perfect excuse to get in some serious cuddle time with your kids, partners, or even pets.

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