15 items you need in your barbecue toolkit

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Having a complete barbecue toolkit will ensure you’re prepared for when nice weather hits and you can cook in the great outdoors. Whether you’re grilling up steaks at home or firing up freshly caught fish at the cottage, here’s what you need in your barbecue toolkit to make memorable meals.

Grilling apron

man opening a beer with apron on for barbecue toolkit
Photo by Oklahoma Joe’s

An essential in your barbecue toolkit, this lightweight apron has plenty of pockets to hold various tools, adjustable straps, and even a built-in bottle opener. Buy it at


tongs for barbecue toolkit
Photo by Broil King

Tongs are a must for flipping food on the grill. Make sure you’re using a material like stainless steel so they don’t melt. This set of three tongs also is conveniently colour coded to avoid cross-contaminating foods. Buy the set at

Barbecue brush

barbecue brush for barbecue toolkit
Photo by True Wood Co.

This bristle-free brush cleans your grill without the risk of bristles ending up in your food. It has a long handle to keep your hands clear of heat, has an added scraper, and works on any type of barbecue or grill. Buy it at

Grilling planks

wood plank variety set for barbecue toolkit
Photo by Wildwood

Add these wooden planks to your barbecue toolkit to infuse your meat and fish with smokey flavours. This unique sample pack includes five types of wood (cedar, alder, cherry, maple, and hickory) so you can experiment with your taste buds. Buy it at

Grilling basket

grilling basket for your barbecue toolkit
Photo by Weber

Want to cook smaller foods like vegetables and shrimp on the barbecue too? Then this grilling basket is essential for your barbecue toolkit, as it allows you to cook smaller items that would normally fall through the grill. Buy it at

Heat resistant gloves

heat resistant gloves for barbecue toolkit
Photo by Anself

These extra-long gloves are perfect for handling hot food and cookware both on the grill and in your kitchen. Buy them at

Barbecue rub collection

rub collection for barbecue toolkit
Photo by Spiceology

With rubs ranging from Cajun to Mexican to Mediterranean, this gourmet rub collection makes it feel like you’re travelling in your own backyard. Buy it at


skewer set for barbecue toolkit
Photo by OXO Good Grips

Add this stainless steel reusable skewer set to your barbecue toolkit so you can turn just about anything into a kebab. Buy it at

Pizza grill stone

pizza grill stone for barbecue toolkit
Photo by Outset

Add this to your barbecue toolkit to make pizzas with exceptional crusts. This pizza stone can also be used for tortillas and bread too. Buy it at

Basting brush

basting brush for barbecue toolkit
Photo by Broil King

This basting brush is essential in your barbecue toolkit. It’s heat resistant and allows you to add spices and marinades as you cook. Buy it at

Digital thermometer

meat thermometer for barbecue toolkit
Photo by Char-Broil

If you often overcook meat in an attempt to reach a food-safe temp, invest in this digital thermometer. It includes the optimal temperatures for every kind of meat, so there’s no guesswork or Googling involved. Buy it at

A grill guide

Any Night Grilling for barbecue toolkit
Photo by Penguin Random House

This cookbook (authored by a Texan, no less) gives equal doses of inspiration and instruction, teaching you how to make uncomplicated yet elevated meals on the grill. Buy it at

Cast iron grill press

grilling press for barbecue tool kit
Photo by Artisanal Kitchen Supply

Keep this pre-seasoned barbecue grill press in your toolkit to add pressure to burgers and steaks. Buy it at

Cutting board

cutting board for barbecue toolkit
Photo by Ironwood

This cutting board has a channel around the edges that can hold up to six fluid ounces of liquid, making it perfect for serving up juicy steaks without spillage. Buy it at

A portable grill

a portable grill for your barbecue toolkit
Photo by BergHOFF

This portable grill turns any table into a barbecue station. It sets up in seconds, and has a handy strap for carrying while camping, picnicking, or at the beach. It’s compact enough to give any condo balcony a cottage-like feel. Buy it at

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