What to sip this weekend: An organic fizzy wine

The wineyards of Parés Baltà. Photo courtesy of Parés Baltà.

The pick: Parés Baltà, a delicious organic fizzy wine.

Backstory: Everybody knows Champagne. Even Prosecco barely needs an introduction these days. Cava, a dry sparkling wine from Spain, though, is still slightly under-the-radar, despite the fact that there are many elegant options to be had for under $20. One such is Parés Baltà Brut Cava, which hails from Penedès, a region close to Barcelona where they make a lot of bubbles. Unlike many of its neighbours, however, Parés Baltà is a family-owned, independent, vegan, organic and biodynamic winery that boasts two women winemakers at the helm. Meet the new face of Spanish wine.

Why you’ll like it: With light hints of fresh stone fruit and robust bubbles, this wine manages to be both fun and serious at the same time. And, although there’s never been any research to prove that organic wines lead to fewer hangovers, at least one drinks writer swears by this particular cava as a miracle preventative, even though it’s easy to get a little carried away with (it’s ridiculously easy-drinking). Best of all, it’s delightful with tapas, seafood, tacos, charcuterie and, in fact, pretty much anything other than, say, a big hunk of beef. Serve well-chilled.

Parés Baltà Brut Cava is being released at the LCBO this weekend for $17.95 and is already widely-available in most provinces across Canada at a similarly attractive price.


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