Weekly Hack: Stretching steak for a crowd

By oneinchpunch/Shuttertock

So you’re serving beef to a big crowd at your next cottage barbecue. Ka-ching! Or maybe not: stretch your protein and save cash with these strategies.

A) Avoid cuts of steak that are very popular; that can drive up the price. Cuts that aren’t well known—bottom sirloin flap or culotte steak, for example—are going to be cheaper than rib-eye.

B) Grill one large sirloin, and serve it sliced, family-style. That’s more economical than grilling many smaller cuts. Plus, tending to one steak is less stressful than watching 10 at the same time.

C) Do a make-your-own-meal buffet. Along with lots of salads, serve a carved roast at a sandwich-making station. Or slice up skirt steak, and provide the fixings for fajitas.

D) Burgers are always a cheap win. Use a combo of beef and pork. Ground pork can be half the price of ground beef, and it’ll give your patties more flavour.

E) Make steak and veggie kebabs, and go heavy on the veg. Colourful grilled vegetables look pretty. And Mom says that they’re good for you.

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