5 apps to help you grill your best


Apps are everywhere. And they’re making everything in life a little bit easier. Here’s a few of our favourites for when you’re standing on your back deck enjoying the simplicity of barbecuing.

Weber Grills 

Some would argue Weber makes the best grill, so why wouldn’t they make the best app, too? Well, it’s certainly a contender. Listen to this list of features: 75 new recipes every Friday, prep school to teach you how to prep food (with video), a grill school to show you the basics of cooking different foods, a favourites tab to bookmark and organize your favourite recipes, and tons more. Available in the App Sore and on Google Play.

Rhino Gauge 

This app will save you from the ultimate faux pas: running out of propane halfway through a family barbecue. Nothing ruins a long weekend more than eating slightly cooked chicken. The app isn’t 100 percent accurate, but will give you a good idea when it’s time to refill the tank and where you can take it to fill it up locally. Available in the App Store.

Grill Guide 

Whether you’ve got a rib-eye steak in hand or a pound of potatoes, the Grill Guide will, ahem, guide you through it. With more than 100 different foods, the Grill Guide takes into account the size of your grillables and tells you how long the item will take and at what temperature it should be cooked at. Basically, any question you’ve ever had while grilling, this thing will answer it for you. Available in the App Store and on Google Play.


Now this will seriously help you entertain. This thermometer links to your phone allowing you to spend the majority of your grilling time entertaining. You can mix a Mojito for your friends without compromising your superior barbecuing skills. Available in the App Store and on Google Play.

Sky Burger 

This is the perfect companion for when all of your other apps are grilling dinner for you. Sit back, relax, and play a video game. Like a foodie’s game of Tetris, Sky Burger has you filling orders as dressing, condiments, and burgers fall from the sky. Just don’t mess up anyone’s order! Available in the App Store and on Google Play.