Top 5 fish for the grill

While grilled fish are easy to enjoy, grilling fish is not so easy. Lighter fish tend to fall apart on the grill, dropping through the gaps and creating a real mess of your barbecue. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Barbecuing fish may be a little tricky, but it’s by no means impossible. All it takes is some patience, some practice, and the right piece of fish. There are plenty of options out there, and even some environmentally friendly ones to choose from, but we narrowed it down to five fish you should definitely throw on the barbie this summer.


Glorious, delicious salmon is tough to beat. Its pink flesh holds together well, offering an easy-to-move piece of meat that never crumbles. Using fillets or sides, this is an easy one to cook skin side down as it doesn’t even require flipping. You won’t get the pretty grill marks without flipping it, but you’ll maintain the integrity of the fish.


Like salmon, halibut is a thick, meaty fish that won’t fall to pieces after a bit of man-handling. This relatively inexpensive whitefish is mild-flavoured, available year round and can even be used as a chicken substitute in many recipes. Again, with a fillet or side, it’s best to cook it skin side down without flipping it.


It’s best to cook this fish whole. Clean it and stuff it with lemon or herbs, lay it on one side on medium-high and flip it only once so the skin doesn’t rip.


Like pickerel, this is another local fish that is readily available in Ontario lakes. If you can catch one yourself, then you’re all set. Otherwise, buy a whole trout. Like pickerel, it’s best stuffed with lemon and herbs and cooked whole on the grill with only one flip.


Okay, so it’s not fish, but these delicious little crustaceans are a tasty barbecue treat. But don’t buy a cocktail ring at your local superstore and think you’re set: You’ll need large shrimp that can be easily skewered so they’re manageable on the grill.