Things we love about the cottage: Board games

I actually look forward to rainy days at the cottage. Sure, the great outdoors are nice, but a day of showers means everyone stays inside and the board games come out. Personally, I’d play board games just about any time, but the captive audience that a rainy day affords means everyone will get involved.

Two summers ago, we were up at the cottage for a week of vacation with my partner’s pre-teen kids. When the rain struck, the kids were disappointed that wandering around or boating were no longer in the plans for the day. To quell the boredom, I broke out our ancient edition of the board game Stock Ticker. The game is simple, requires mostly luck with just alittle bit of skill, and can be played for hours. We played all day. And then all day the next day as the rain continued. When the sun finally came out, one of the kids said he wanted to play more Stock Ticker instead of going outside. But, given that our cottage is tiny, we kicked them out.

Many a night at the cottage has been spent playing Scrabble late into the night with my aunt over a glass or two of wine (the second game’s score is usually much lower than the first’s), and one of my best childhood memories of my grandfather is playing cribbage with him in his cottage (and beating him!)

Board games aren’t just a way to fight boredom—they’re a way to interact with family and friends, engage in some healthy competition, and if nothing else, win bragging rights!